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flowers that softly blossomed on a moonlit night

fill the air and will scatter as a beautiful past does

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Abigail Lynne
7 May
I am Abigail, nineteen five foot ten inches tall, with blue eyes.

I am not an interesting person. that is all.

my icon journal

Kyo's Smile is Fucking Cute Sexy Love.

Kyo is "I wanna be spooky" love

Fan Service is love.

Gackt is Dears Love

HYDE tongue is love

Incestual Pierrot Manlove is sex LOVE
<3 Kirito
Kirito is dead sexy pouty/sexy/stone-faced love
Dir en grey is love
Dir en grey is sexy, macabre love
<3 Gakuhai
Gakuhai is delicious, true love
Forever Love
hide is forever love
<3 Hyde
Hyde is lip-licking, sexy love
Miyavi is love
Miyavi is sexy, acid-tripping love
kitten luff
Miyavi & Loose are fluffy, kawaii, kitten luff
Pierrot is love
Pierrot is love
<3 Ryutarou
Ryutarou is strange-but-cute love

Having your gigantic PP gratuitously circled and pointed at is well endowed love.

No mater how, the me that you see right now, may appear to suffer greatly
please don't go and kill me, until after I've closed my eyes for real.

Come visit StickHyde!!

Come visit StickHyde!!

promise kohta
Angry Dictator
Brotherly love

+d'espairsray+, a clockwork orange, aiji, air, androgyny, baking, baroque, being a picture whore, bisexuality, black and white photographs, blood, cats, cemetaries, chachamaru, comedy central presents, comics, concerts, cosplaying, creative people, dane cook, daria, die, dir en grey, disney movies, dong bang shin gi, dong bang shin ki, dreaming, driving, drums, empire records, eyes, faeries, fairy wings, feeling pretty, femme boys, ferngully, freaks, friends, gackt, gacktjob, gay and lesbian rights, gay guys, gazette, glitter, halloween, happy fun bags, happy fun notes, hello kitty, hide, hideto matsumoto, hugs, hyde, j-rock, johnny depp, jrock, jun, kaede, kami, kana, kermit the frog, kirito, kirito's gay bike, kiritoxkohta, kittens, kiwamu, kohta, kozi, kyo, l'arc~en~ciel, larc~en~ciel, letters, lolita, love, lyrics, malice mizer, mana, masa, mindless self indulgence, miyavi, moi dix mois, moon child, movies, music, nightmare before christmas, parties, peircings, photography, pictures, pierrot, pigtails, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, psycho le cemu, rain, rainy days, rave dancing, ravers, reading, really tall people, riley armstrong, rocky horror picture show, role-playing, roller coasters, roses, rubber duckies, shinya, singing, snow, south dakota, sparkles, spirited away, spring, star gazing, star wars, stars, strawberry feilds forever, strong guys, summer, switchfoot, swords, taichi, takeo, takeshi, talking, techno, the misfits, the moon, the time warp, toshiya, trick or treating, vw's, walking, wands, winter, writing, xjapan, you

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